♂ ♦ Luke Jackson ♦ 16 Years old ♦ Sophomore  Nerd ♦ Bisexual ♦ Dan Howell

 "Tell us about yourself, Luke"

Well, my name is Luke. You already know that, though. Erm, I’m a sophomore nerd. I’ve been one from the first day I started Ridgeway, it’s just where I ended up. I don’t know why, I’m not exactly the smartest person in the world.

Do you like it here at Ridgeway?”

That depends, sort of. It’s not too bad, I have a decent amount of friends here, and the actual school isn’t too bad. But if I had the choice, I’d much rather stay at home and play video games.


Ever since Luke started Ridgeway as a freshman, he slotted straight into the nerd clique. He never understood how he actually got into the nerds, even though he is intelligent he never actually shows it, which led him to believe that he isn’t. Since Luke was a just a young child, he found a love for computer games. Most people would think that Luke’s mini obsession would only be a hindrance to him, but Luke found a way around it. He quickly became a computer-genius and an expert in maths. Much to young Luke’s surprise.

If you know Luke well, or if he trusts you enough to share some of his personal life with you, you’ll know that Luke definitely isn’t the most confident person around. He tries his hardest to get himself out there and make more friends, but all of his attempts to become more social just end in a disaster for him. Luke doesn’t really care too much about his confidence, though. He’s always thought of it as a part of his personality, and something he’s never wanted to change about himself. Even though he tries to be a little more social.

Luke is genuinely a sweet guy, he never judges people too quickly and he’ll give most people a chance. People rarely ever see his angry side, apart from his brothers who wind him up all the time. Luke has always been jealous of his older brother, the popular guy who always gets the girl. He’ll never show it though, the last thing he wants is to give his brother what he wants.

Even though Luke isn’t the most popular kid in school, his family definitely aren’t poor. Both of his parents have well-paid jobs and they live in a very large house which Luke’s older brother always used to hold crazy parties in. Luke is one of the few members of the film club at his school, which he goes to with a couple of his friends. Luke’s never been that experienced with romance in the past, he’s never had a proper relationship but it’s never really bothered him too much, he knows he is young and he has many other things he’d rather be doing with his life right now.

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